From a fast-paced year we needed a face,
the mask returns to reveal culprits,
the name alone has generated madness,
in an ideal time to spread the secrets in a second.

Anonymous is back!
and his legion from the Deep Web fund,
his promise to expose everything seduces,
the high school kids jokingly argue that it’s better than homework,
Trump, Naomi Campbell, Lady Di and even Jackson shine,
Avicii will be vindicated, and more mythologized,
for the sci fi year we live in it was the cherry on the cake.

Our Anonymous is more avant garde or more accessible,
he informs us from his trench of the Tweet and
if you like more glamor from Instagram, he is a celeb that will unseat Cr7 in followers.

People don’t sleep to know if the White House has already burned …
The WHO, no organism is safe.

The coincidence that “Control Z” was recently released,
How much of Netflix was inspired to revive!
All your secrets will be revealed … obviously just kidding,
what is not funny is what is detailed, crimes and lowliness,
If only an omniscient truly revealed us to the despicable puppeteers!
And that we had the strength to incinerate their hands!

Fotografía por Richard P J Lambert