What camera did you use to take this photograph?
Olympus e300.

How was the editing process?
I think I went for a natural feel.

What do you remember from the day you took it?
It was a hot summer’s day. We walked around talking about music while looking for a nice area. I remember I was surprised that Abbie knew about Hundred Waters, one of my favourite bands. So I ended up playing their music during this. We found this cute little corner in the nature park that had these little white flowers.

“I wanted Abbie to play around and to just be free in front of the camera – and it was perfect that the wind was blowing her hair around while I took that picture.”

What feelings come to you when you look at it?
Feelings of freedom and openness.

What do you like most about this photograph?
I love that such a uncanny moment happened and was captured – the wind blowing her hair plus that thing she’s doing with her mouth. I love the movement of it – it’s not like one of those really still, slow looking images.

What were your references, influences or inspirations during your creative process?
We might have looked at some really dreamy pictures, from random people. But after looking at inspiration we just forget them and try to be playful with it all.

What did you enjoy the most about the process?
That I can think about such nice moments when it’s cold and grey here in London later in the year.

What was the hardest thing for you and how did you solve it?
Abbie had to catch a train right after, I think it was a long trip for her. We finished earlier than planned, just to make sure that the day was nice with no rushing about. I hate that feeling when travelling.

In what format and where would you like to see it exhibited?
It’s kind of ‘fashiony’ – so a magazine editorial would be natural – or a little photo diary would be cute. Maybe for a show far down in the future. I posted a cute little video to go a long with this image too. You can see it here.