1,968 radishes in my garden?

23 julio, 2020

1,968 radishes growing in my garden. I think, I may have lost count. A drone spied on us through the window, very distracting stuff. Charlie Kaufman took a deep breath and looked at me.

–How are we were going to be sure about how many radishes we have in our garden if these spy drones won’t leave us alone?

–I’m not sure, I replied which my head hung. I’m not sure.

Fotografía por DIADA


I work across the mediums of photography, video, ceramics, drawing and poetry. My art explores themes such as relationships, gender, sexuality, social interactions, childhood trauma, neurodiversity, memory and emotion. Even when exploring difficult themes and emotions I intend for my works to maintain a light hearted and playful feel. I’m interested in creating works that promote kindness and evoke feelings of openness, vulnerability and an urge for connection in the viewer.

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