Trischelle Roberts


List one element of your “daily ritual” of creativity.
Work during the day, meditation or aimless walking after lunch. Nights are for writing, arguing, playing, listening, drinking, watching, thinking. And recording everything as I go.

Share a quote that inspires you.
She’s turned female abjection inside out and aimed it at a man. As if her decades of experience were both a painting and a weapon. –Eileen Myles on Chris Kraus.

What’s your dream job?
Whatever seems interesting next.

Share the link of a video that makes you laugh.

How would you kill Tom Hanks?
He’s already dead.

Fill in the blanks.
For my next trick, I will pull an answer out of this question.

Recommend a local talent.
Jaclyn Paterson, Rafaela Pandolfini.

When do you get nervous?

Add a question to this interview.
Where would you rather be?

Did you lie answering some of these questions?

[Listen to Trischelle’s band, Mere Women, here, and visit her personal webpage here.]