Laurencja Zurek


List one element of your “daily ritual” of creativity.
Avoiding routine, maybe became a ritual.

Share a quote that inspires you.
When I play, I play for me, I don’t need your charity, la lalala lalalalalalala
–Phoebe, friends.

What’s your dream job?
Not to be in need of one.

If you were a pizza delivery man, how would you benefit from scissors?
That’s kinda useless tool you gave me here for this job – salami-origami?

How would you kill Tom Hanks?
Tom hangs :(

Fill in the blanks.
For my next trick, I will pull a *c out of a clover.

Recommend a local talent.
Emon Toufanian – artist, photographer, musician, band, dj, cook, friend.

Is it true that you have a big collection of hens hidden in your garage?
Well, that’s more likely than me having a garage.

Share the link of a video that makes you laugh.

Add a question to this interview.
What’s wrong with Tom Hanks?

Did you lie answering some of these questions?

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