Yesterday I spoke with grandma. For her —she is in Mexico— it was Friday afternoon. For me —I am in Sydney— it was Saturday morning. At grandparents, Fridays are to celebrate with a special toast after lunch. I heard the clicking glasses over the phone. Grandma mentioned the name of the wine they were drinking, but I forgot about it. I have a bad memory. However, I do remember that day when I said to myself: Abel, perhaps it's best to lose your memory. Back then I was still in high school. One day after classes, I was talking with Dana about the book The Teachings of Don Juan and suddenly that thought snapped inside my mind. To lose memory.

Maybe it’s not you lose your memory but you become more selective about it.

It was with my compadre Bob that I first listened to Galaxy 500. We were at his home listening to music and he played When Will You Come Home. I have listened this song too much. So much that I do not need to hear again. Now I rather listen Strange.

Photo by Martin Canova

Abel Ibáñez G.

Director and editor of ERRR Magazine. Musician and writer. Born in Mexico City and moved to Australia some years ago. Likes beans and olives.