Everyday I try to go out for a walk. I don't know why but Sundays I find it harder that the other days. Anyway, I made it. I went out for a walk to the park.

While I was walking, I was looking at the floor and I suddenly saw a strange stone. I picked it up. It was warm and smelled like fish. It was not a stone: someone had oysters and left the shell on the floor. I don't like oysters, but I felt like licking the shell. I started licking the shell and was enjoying it until a sausage dog went up right on me. It came from behind. The owners took their time to control their beast.

Ten years ago, when I was studying at the university, my compadre Bob was not yet my compadre, he was my literature teacher. For his class, we had to read Company, by Samuel Beckett. We also read Waiting for Godot. But my favorite Beckett’s book is Molloy. I specially remember the part in which one if the characters licks his stones. But I read that book only after I finished university. By then my compadre was not my teacher anymore, he was now my compadre.

When I was a kid and finished watching Dumb and Dumber, I went into the kitchen, opened the freezer and tried licking the frozen drawer. My tongue was stucked on the ice. I was stuck there for a moment and then I pulled back to let go. A piece of my tongue was left there glued to the drawer. I got a chill. Since then I only lick warm objects.

Photo by Sarah Kaplan

Abel Ibáñez G.

Director and editor of ERRR Magazine. Musician and writer. Born in Mexico City and moved to Australia some years ago. Likes beans and olives.