Melts Away

When I got to the office today, my head was badly itching. I guess I got the fleas somewhere. Could’ve been at the park while sitting at the bench taking the sun. I wonder if Robert Smith has ever got fleas: I can picture him scratching his head.

A moment ago I chewed on a piece of ginger. Roman told me his father does that whenever he feels he's getting sick. I chewed it and spit it right away. Too strong. I think I have fever. My eyes are heavy.

If he hadn’t died two months ago, today would’ve been my compadre’s 45th birthday. I guess that somehow it's still his birthday today, it's just that he's no longer here to celebrate it. "I’d like to see you try, I’d like to see you win the fight," sings Jonas, Offshore Projects’ vocalist. I would’ve liked that too.

Happy birthday, compa. I'll keep scratching my head. Hopefully the fleas fall asleep soon.

Photo by Martin Canova

Abel Ibáñez G.

Director and editor of ERRR Magazine. Musician and writer. Born in Mexico City and moved to Australia some years ago. Likes beans and olives.